News: Turn A Gundam Is Finally Coming Westward On BluRay

Following the already¬†excellent releases of Turn A Gundam on DVD in the West, courtesy of Nozomi Entertainment, it looks like we’ll be getting BluRay editions too. It’s obvious that the DVD releases have sold well enough to warrant the BluRay versions getting an additional release, which is great news. Turn A Gundam is also a […]

News: Assault Suits Leynos released in the West on July 12th

After a fair wait, the Assault Suits Leynos remake on PS4 is finally coming Westward on July 12th. I’ve already played the Japanese release and it’s not overtly great. It’s a real shame as Dracue made the excellent Gunhound but Leynos feels really vague in terms of its controls and movement. Compared to the pin-point […]

News: Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers Out On August 5th In Asia

The English localised Asian release of Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers will be released on August 5th. While the Japanese version is out at the end of this month, I’ve held off on that version and have pre-ordered the Asian release. In the latest trailer (shown below) the game continues to look great […]

News: Hawken is coming to PS4, Sadly still Freemium

Along with Hawken coming to Xbox One, the game will also be released on PS4. The latest trailer (shown below) also clarifies that the game will also remain free-to-play on consoles. Considering that whole monetization setup killed Hawken on PC, I had hoped they would have gone back to the game’s origins and do something […]