News: Metal Build F91 Gundam Announced For Release Next Year

Bandai has released more photos of Metal Build F91 Gundam, from the Gundam movie of the same name, which is planned to be released early next year. This figure¬†first appeared at the 56th All Japan Model Hobby Show and has generated lots of buzz among gunpla enthusiasts who want this (like me). The above image […]

News: Gundam Versus (PS4) English Version Announced for Asia

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia have recently announced that an English version of the newly revealed Gundam Versus will be headed to South East Asian territories. To be more specific, the game will have the original Japanese VAs but use English subtitles, similar to localized version of Gundam EXVS Force for the Vita. As we know […]

News: Gundam Versus Closed Alpha Announced at TGS 2016, Full Release Slated for Late 2017

During the TGS 2016 Gundam Games 15th Anniversary panel, Gundam Versus producer Ryuichiro Baba announced the upcoming PS4 title will be getting a closed alpha test soon. They will be releasing more information about how to participate ¬†in the near future through their official twitter page. What we do know is that it will be […]

Videos: New Gundam Versus Game Announced for PlayStation 4

Console-only Gundam VS fans rejoice as the 5th generation of the series has been announced at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show! Named simply “Gundam Versus,” this new game makes its debut only on the Playstation 4 and is apparently a clean break from the EXVS series. You’ll still get the 2v2 team battle action the […]

News: English Version of SD G Generation Genesis Coming to Asia in November

English speaking G Generation fans rejoice as the English-subtitled version of the new G Generation Genesis game is launching on November 22, 2016 in Asia. Recently announced prior to the 2016 Tokyo Game Show, this will be the next Gundam game to get the English translated treatment like the previous Gundam Extreme VS Force and […]

News: Assault Suits Leynos Remake Released On PC Today

The previously released Assault Suits Leynos remake on PS4 is now finally released on PC, via Steam. The remake was developed by Dracue Software, the studio that also made the excellent Gunhound games. However, this remake of Leynos is a mixed bag and while not as bad as the PS2 update to Valken isn’t exactly […]

News: Next Gen Gundam VS Game in Development, Possible Global Launch

It appears the next version of the Gundam VS series is currently in development! Thanks to some keen redditors, a recent Famitsu article has a provided a Q&A session with series producer Ryuichiro Baba and other staff members regarding the future of the Gundam VS series. They mention their understanding of Gundam EXVS Force’s misgivings […]

News: Valkyries Third Sortie Announced

The latest and third installment in the Valkyries book series by Hidetaka Tenjin will be released this September in Japan. Like the first and second books, this one will contain new Macross related art by Tenjin featuring a variety of variable fighters from the series. This new book will also be fully bilingual and feature […]